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click any picture to learn more about this project combining literature, visual arts and theatre. The Roman new riches invite their parasites to an opulent banquet. The rococo aristocracy has got an exquisite dinner with their philosophers. The medieval scholars devour spicy books along with some book worms. The late humanists hunt any scraps of manuscripts. We dance in the traffic jam, play golf, take a smoke break, form committees, do research, eat breakfast in the open air...

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2010 uv-urlaub performance Cross Club holiday survival ultrafilaova dovolena ||| | | | back on the track track it

2009 portraying the city of gingerbread and ice hockey eat my heart | playing the Golden Dionysus in a wine cellar

2008 the Golden Dionysus premierehey everybody in the global haystack | spaghetti eaters | further inquiries into fundamental electrical science further inquiries into electrical science | the sweet traffic jam | | ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | | get started playing golf | taking a smoke break with bank officers

2007 racing through a tunnel | the 1st electrotheological committee session | doing research in the Academy of Science towards the Academy of Science| taking part in the Forum 2000 Conference discussing Responsibility and Freedom| exhibited in shop windows to the website of the gallery | breakfast in the open air | at the Pilsen South Railway Stationsite specific performance| at a ball in the Prague Municipal House

2006 a genuine Chinese import staging in Alfred ve dvore Theatre| we are the championsthe Czech Derby | an exhibition and a head of hairthe collection of wigs | click a public lecture |kickfancy-dress ball in Jablonec

2005 click installation and performance at the Designblok Exhibition in Prague

2004 clickstage reading | clickexhibition at the Dance Theatre Ponec

2003 clickreading the translation of Satyricon |click published a sample of text

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